How to make bird houses? This question will be answered in this web. You can make home made bird house / bird feeder with your kids for natural garden.

Best Way to Keep Squirrels Away from Bird Feeders

Squirrels become one of the most common problems for those who have birds

How to Make the Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Except a milk Jug, Milk carton bird feeder is one of the medium to

The PVC Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Ideas

PVC bird feeder is all you need if you want to watch birds

Ideas for Home-made Bird Feeders

Home-made bird feeders are great to be located in our backyards. Many kinds

Tips for Cleaning Bird Feeders

Cleaning bird feeders is a must. Why is it important to clean a bird feeder? This is necessary to free the bird feeder from dirt and dangerous germs. Having a

How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Toilet paper roll bird feeder actually can be made homemade at home. You need to give a spare time to make this handmade art for birds. You may get the help

Milk Jug Bird Feeder DIY Project with Kids

Making the milk jug bird feeder with your kids is a fun idea of a thing to do. This is a great project that will teach your kids in a certain way.

Best Bird Feeder Placement

Placing the bird feeder requires certain consideration. You cannot just place it anywhere because it should be in a safe location especially from any predators. Usually, the bird feeder placement is also

How to Attract Birds to a Bird Feeder

There are some ways how to attract birds to a bird feeder. For you who are experienced enough, this matter is probably quite easy without giving any problem. However, if you

How to Make Water Bottle Bird House

Water bottle bird house is very easy to make. Some of you are probably interested to let the birds feed around your house. There are actually many kinds if bird