How to make bird houses? This question will be answered in this web. You can make home made bird house / bird feeder with your kids for natural garden.

Colorful Bird Baths to Attract Birds to Come

Bird bath is one of the most attractive decorations for garden or other

The PVC Bird Feeder and Birdhouse Ideas

PVC bird feeder is all you need if you want to watch birds

Rain Proof Bird Feeder Glasses

In recent days, there are some innovations of making rain proof bird feeder.

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As a bird lover, you must have a bird feeder. Whether you buy a bird feeder or make it by your own, it does not matter. The most important thing

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How to Make the Milk Carton Bird Feeder

Except a milk Jug, Milk carton bird feederĀ is one of the medium to be used for home made bird feeder. It is due to the fact that carton tends to

Ideas for Home-made Bird Feeders

Home-made bird feeders are great to be located in our backyards. Many kinds of birds will come to eat in our bird feeder specially made by our hands. Watching birds