Best Bird Feeder Placement

Placing the bird feeder requires certain consideration. You cannot just place it anywhere because it should be in a safe location especially from any predators. Usually, the bird feeder placement is also related to the being safe from window collision. However, some bird owners decided to place their feeder closer to the windows upon a certain reason. When the bird takes off from its feeder and accidentally hits the window, it usually will not be at top speed. Therefore, the bird will have better surviving chance. That is not the only consideration. There are more factors to be considered as explained below in

Best Bird Feeder Placement

  • Activity

The ideal locations on where to place bird feeders are usually quieter and less disturbed. It is important for you to avoid placing the feeders near artificial noisemakers of wind chimes. However, you also have to know that some birds are attracted to certain sounds. So, you have to understand the birds’ nature.

  • Natural Feeding
beautiful bird feeder in a garden

beautiful bird feeder in a garden

Ideal bird feeder location is a location that simulates the natural feeding preference of the birds. And since each bird species as certain feeding preference, you need to make sure you know the preference. The woodpeckers for instance need suet feeders that are placed near thick branches or tree trunks. Meanwhile, the nectars will love feeders to be placed new the flowers that produce nectar.

  • Safety

This is an absolute fact. Any birds will not visit the feeders location in unsafe area. Therefore, you have to make sure to place the birds feeders at least 10 feet from trees, shrubs, brush piles and other suitable shelter. This will give the birds safe and fast retreat every time there is a predator nearby. Do not forget to protect the feeders from cats because this feline tends to be attracted to birds.

  • Visibility

What birds will always do is seeing the feeder before the birds are ready to visit it. Therefore, the ideal location is a sunny and open area that is visible to the passing by birds. This location also allows them to have good lookout for possible threats including predators while eating.

  • Squirrels
right place to put bird feeder

squirrel on bird feeders

You certainly know that squirrels can cause damage to the feeders in so many ways. So, what you have to do is to place the feeders away from roofs, fences an sturdy shrubs that can be used by squirrels to leap from.

  • Chemicals

Keeping the feeders away from location that is exploited to chemical substances is important. For instance, if you use pesticides in your garden then you should make sure that the birds’ food are placed away from the garden to avoid contamination.

  • Personal Space
bird feeder hang on tree

bird feeder hang on tree

The truth is every bird species has different feeding territories size. Usually, the bird’s aggression will be triggered if the birds eat in a crowded feeding area. Such area will also trigger the birds’ territoriality. Therefore, the ideal thing you should do is to spread the feeders in greater distance. This way, the birds will be more pleased when eating. This kind of location is also ideal on where to hand a bird feeder.

Once you have found the most ideal bird feeder placement, it will be easy for you to attract birds to a bird feeder, feed the birds and see birds grow.

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