Bird Cage Bird Baths Cleaning Tips and Maintenance

People often have bird cage bird baths to adorn their backyard or garden. It can add more interest in the backyard or garden. People and their family can also enjoy seeing bird bathing or drinking. Commonly, this bath is made from various metals or stone. It is surely beautiful to complete some details like frog pond, garden lanterns, terrarium and more.

As bird cage bird bath for garden is displayed outdoor, it must face various conditions like sunlight, sun exposure, and weather change. The other thing that may affect the birdbath is bird waste and feathers, shells, algae, and any kind of pond scum. Those conditions can affect the birdbath. Therefore, you must keep the birdbath clean to invite more birds.

How to Keep Birdcage Birdbath for Garden Clean

It is important to keep bird cage bird bath for garden clean. By keeping the bird bath clean, you can ensure its safety and health of people who visit your backyard. Algae can grow in certain condition, especially the untreated condition. Therefore, you have to clean the birdbath frequently to prevent the algae growth. Besides, frequent cleaning will also reduce any disease transmission as well as the pesky mosquitoes. It keeps your birdbath free of unsightly droppings, organic buildup, stains, feathers and more.

bird cage bird bath cleaning

bird cage bird bath cleaning

Things to Prepare

We have listed several things and steps to keep bird cage bird bath clean. We need a stiff bristled brush, rubber gloves, a water source, a highly-diluted beach solution or white vinegar and a plastic bag. Firstly, tip the bath with an unused portion of the yard or garden to get rid of the dirty and contaminated water. You can fertilize your garden to fertilize your garden. Make sure that you don’t dump nearby bird feeders.

Cleaning Steps

As the first step in bird cage bird bath cleaning tips is to empty the bird bath. The birds should be away of the birdbath before we start cleaning. Tip the birdbath to remove the all old and used water. After you finish removing the old water, pick any large debris pieces out that you may still find inside. Rinse the birdbath with lukewarm water from garden hose, or bucket of water. If you use a sprayer nozzle on the garden hose, set it on the most powerful setting and use it to rinse the birdbath. It will help you gunk the bottom of tub off. Remove any debris or dirt with the scrub brush. You can also clean the birdbath pedestal as well.

Take a bucket or pressurized water and scrub brush. Use them to scour the surface carefully and diligently. Later, fill the bird cage bird bath for garden until it is nearly full. The cleaning method is varied that depends on how dirty the birdbath is. You have to remember that commercial products and bleaches may contain harmful chemicals or elements for wildlife.

Cleaning Tips based on Period

We also have several tips to clean bird cage bird bath depending on the cleaning period. If you prefer regular cleaning twice a week, you can use a tablespoon per gallon of apple cider vinegar or white vinegar. Mix it with water. You will not harm any bird because vinegar is natural. Use the solution to scrub your bath for about five minutes. Later, you need to drain water in the part of yard you may never use. Finally, with pressurized water, rinse the bath as long as possible.

If you prefer deep clean on birdcage birdbath maintenance, you will need ½ cup of bleach and a black plastic bag. Cover the birdbath with the plastic bag. Make sure that the sun hits the birdbath that result heat. The heat will break the algae down. Therefore, you will not need to clean the birdbath hardly. After 20 minute, drain the water away from birdbath and garden. Rinse the birdbath thoroughly until the chemical does not remain. Therefore, you will not irritate the birds that are sensitive to chemicals. As the finishing touch, work with your scrub brush. Rinse it more with pressurized water, if it is possible, surely. Let the birdbath dry completely under the sun. The basin will be sterilized naturally as the algae are prevented to form in the foundation.

As the process finished, fill the basin with clean and cool water. You can keep the water circulation by adding mister, drippers, or stones. You can also place bird cage bird bath for garden in the shade. It will help you preventing algae growth. Copper will also prevent the algae growth. You can find copper tubing at some local hardware stores nearby.

Besides frequent and thorough bird cage bird bath cleaning tips, you also have to keep the water clean. Change the water on a daily basis. You can do it by simply hosing the old water out and refilling it. Birds are bathing and drinking in the same water source. So, keeping the water fresh and clean is important. You also have to keep an eye on the level of water in the summer. The sun heat is more than usual in summer that causes water to evaporate and decline the supply faster.

Birdcage Daily Maintenance

Bird cage bird bath also relates to a bird cage which is completed with a particular bath inside. It is useful for those who have some birds as their pets. Birds in cage should be treated well, too. You have to keep it clean to ensure that your birds are healthy. You can keep it clean regularly. If you prefer daily clean, you can start by changing the cage liner. Unchanged cage can emit unpleasant stench. Change it every day to keep it clean. Besides being uncomfortable, birds can get infected if they walk around in discarded droppings and food.

Besides the cage liner, you should also clean the water and food dishes as birdcage birdbath maintenance. Wash it gently with a mild dish detergent. As you clean it, the bacteria growth can be prohibited. Rinse it and make sure that they are dried thoroughly before you place them back inside the cage. Wipe the surfaces of bars, toys and perches down with paper towel or damp rag. If you find it hard to clean, you can use a bird-safe cage cleaner, too.

Birdcage Weekly Maintenance

For weekly bird cage bird baths maintenance, you can start cleaning by washing the tray that you can find at the bottom of the cage. At least, clean it once a week. Wash and scrub it with a cage cleaner and damp rag. Keep it dry thoroughly before insert it back. Besides tray, some cage is completed with grate at the bottom of cage. Remove any kind of dried droppings in grate by washing and scrubbing it. You can use a scrub brush as you place it in a bathtub. Let it dried and insert it back.

Clean also the perches as they also accumulate waste and dirt. They are also a potential bacteria breeding ground. Soak and scrub the perches once a week to remove any hiding germs. Let them dried before you put it back inside the cage. You may also have some toys inside the cage that is also potential to be a ground of germ growth. You should also wash, scrub and keep it dried at least once a week. Therefore, your birds can have a fun and healthy environment. When you prefer monthly cleaning, you have to work hard and clean bird cage bird bath thoroughly.

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