Colorful Bird Baths to Attract Birds to Come

Bird bath is one of the most attractive decorations for garden or other outdoor areas. It also make your garden more interesting to attract a bird. So, your garden will be more interesting if you apply a bird bath. You can apply more than one bird bath at your garden depending on the space of your garden. Bird baths should be able to attract birds so that the color should be attractive. Therefore, you should prioritize colorful bird baths. In fact, a bird bath that has multicolor is more effective to attract birds to come. So, we will discuss it farther about it.

Buying or Making?

When you want to apply a bird bath, firstly you have to decide whether you want to buy a bird bath or you will make it by your own. In fact, there are many tips how to make DIY bird baths. So, you can also consider colorful DIY bird bath, too. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. If you buy it, of course it will be more practical but you need to spend more money. On the contrary, DIY bird bath will cost much lower buy you should dedicate your time to make it.

You can buy colorful bird baths easily at a store because there are many stores that sell it. You can consider buying one via online such as amazon or offline. You have to compare many options first and then decide one that you like most. If you consider DIY bird bath, you need to paint it. You can apply your desired colors. In this case, do not hesitate to combine different colors as long as they are matching. So, it is your decision whether you will buy or make by your own. See some product of bird bath in amazon.

Colorful Bird Bath Ideas

Whether you buy or make your own multicolor bird baths, you have to choose the best options. There are many option and ideas that you can choose related to the color of bird bath. One of the most common themes is flower. So, it will be a good idea if you apply a bird bath that has flower theme with various colors. The flower theme may come with yellow, pink, red, and other colors added with green leaves. This is very common because this theme is really attractive not only for us but also for birds.

bird bath with colorful flowers

bird bath with colorful flowers

Besides that, you can also consider colorful bird baths designed with fish theme. As we know, fish may have different colors. So, this can be a good idea for bird bath theme. Choose a bird bath in which the theme is various colored fishes such as yellow, blue, red, or other interesting colors. Fish can attract birds to come. So, if it becomes the theme of your bird bath, it is hoped that many birds will come to the bird bath at your garden and then they will drink or take baths. Therefore, you can enjoy it well.

colorful bird bath ideas in the garden

colorful bird bath ideas in the garden

Then, plant can also be one of the ideas for your colorful themed bird baths. In this theme, the plants should be decorative plants that may have different colors. You can imagine how attractive it is, if you apply a bird bath in which the theme is various plants with different colored leaves. The colorful theme may also be from the fruits of the plants in the theme of the bird bath. Anyway, this can be considered as one of the best ideas to consider. And there are many other ideas that you can consider.

colorful butterfly theme bird bath glass

colorful butterfly theme bird bath glass

From those ideas above, which one do you like most?

How to Make DIY Colorful Bird Baths

If you have small budget, buying a bird bath is not a good idea. The better option is that you make colorful bird baths by your own. However, it needs a good skill and a little creativity. This will cost much lower because you can use recycled materials you have. For more detailed steps, you should pay attention to the following instructions:

  1. Prepared a recycled table leg. Firstly, you should prepare the post of bird bath. The easiest way is to take from a table leg where it usually has unique curves and shape or design.
  2. Paint the recycled table legNow, paint it with your desired color. I suggest you to apply more than one paint color. The most colorful will be better and more attractive.
  3. Prepare a bowl or plate. Then, you need to prepare a bowl or plate. I suggest you to pick one that is made from metal because it is strong and not easy to break. However, you can also consider glass bowl or plate. Even more, plastic bowl or plate is also allowed even though it is not recommended. In this step, you should prioritize colorful plate or bowl so that you do not need to pain it.
  4. Paint the bowl or plateIf the bowl or plate is plain, you need to paint it first before securing it to the post. Use metal or wood paints to make the bowl or plate colorful.
  5. Secure the bowl to the post. Next, secure the bowl or plate to the post you have prepared. Make sure that you use good glue so that it will be secured well.
  6. Place the bird bath in your garden. Dedicate an area that you can use to place your colorful bird baths. Place near bird feeder. You can make DIY bird feeder such as Pine Cone Bird Feeder, PVC Bird Feeder. Make sure that it is not blocked by big trees so that birds can see and come to it.
  7. Add water and enjoy it. When it is ready to use, add enough water to the bowl of the bird bath. Leave it and wait for the birds to come.

That is all how to make colorful bird baths. It is easy, is not it? After it works, you still need to maintain it every day. When the water is dirty, you need to replace the water, not add the water. When the bowl is dirty, you should clean it up so that it can keep birds coming. Conclusion, Colorful bird baths will be a good idea for your garden. You have to plan it and choose your desired colors. You can also make it by your own at home easily.

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