Granite Bird Baths Advantages, Disadvantages, Prices, Tips and Maintenance

One of the most important things that you have to consider when you want to choose and buy a bird bath is to decide the material. As we know, bird baths are available in different materials. Each material has its own strengths and weaknesses. From many options of bird bath materials, one of the best choices is granite. Therefore, we will discuss more about granite bird baths in this article.

Why Should You Buy a Granite Bird Bath?

There are many reasons why you need to buy a granite bird bath. In fact, granite has some advantages. One of the advantages of granite does not depreciate in its value. So, you can sell your old bird bath that is made from granite with high price. Besides that, a bird bath made from granite also looks luminous because it has natural surface. So, it is appropriate for you who want to decorate your garden with natural decoration. Then, if you apply a bird bath that is made of granite, it means you enhance the value of your outdoor design.

As we know, a bird bath is often contaminated by bacterial or other things. It may cause problems to your bird bath especially from certain materials. However, granite is sanitary. Therefore, granite bird baths will be durable even though it is contaminated with bacterial. Still related to the durability, a bird bath made from granite is also designed for any weather so that it does not matter if it is exposed by the sun and water every day. Lastly, this kind of bird bath is also easy to clean. In fact, a bird bath needs to be cleaned regularly. Therefore, you can clean it up easily and safely.

The Disadvantages of a Granite Bird Bath

Even though there are many reasons why we need to buy bird baths from granite, there are still some disadvantages that can make people not too interested in it. One of the most popular disadvantages is related to the price. As we know, granite is one of the best natural stones. Besides the durability, granite also has good look. That is why it becomes one of the most expensive materials because it belongs to high end class of material. However, it does not matter if you have big budget for a bird bath.

beautiful twisted granite bird bath

beautiful twisted granite bird bath

Besides that, there are still at least 2 other disadvantages of granite bird baths that you need to know. One of them is that it will weigh heavy. Compared to other materials of bird bath, it may be heavier. Granite has similar weight to stone. So, it may be difficult when you want to clean or move it. Another disadvantage of granite is related to the color. If you feel bored with your old bird bath that is made from granite, you cannot change it. So, you have to buy the new one.

The Price Ranges of Granite Bird Baths

As it is mentioned before, granite belongs to high end material that has expensive price. So, it is very interesting to know about the price range of bird baths from granite. What is the price range usually available in the market? Actually, the price is various. The various prices are affected by many factors such as models, sizes, designs, and may be some other factors. So, it will be a little bit difficult to mention the price range.

pink granite bird bath for sale

pink granite bird bath for sale

Because it is very important, we will try to answer this question. After we do researches about the price range of granite bird baths at both online and offline stores, we can see various bird baths that are made from granite with different prices. One model to another has big different price. Commonly, they are priced about 100 dollars up to 1,000 dollars. However, you can also consider the lower prices because some models can be bought less than 100 dollars. However, there are also many products that are priced very high even higher than 1,000 dollars. So, buying a bird bath especially made from granite should be adjusted to your budget.

How to Choose the Best Granite Bird Bath

Because bird baths that are made from granite are available in various options, you have to choose it carefully. To get the best one, there are some tips that you need to consider:

  1. Pick One That Is Wholly Granite

A bird bath that is made from granite does not always use granite wholly for the materials. It may combine granite with other stones. So, make sure that the bird bath you buy is made of wholly and truly granite.

pink square granite bird bath

pink square granite bird bath

  1. Decide the Desired Design

A bird bath made of granite is available in various designs. So, you have to choose your desired design including related to the size and shape. Make sure that you choose one that looks attractive both for birds and people. Maybe you want to buy other bird bath from different material, seeĀ colorful bird baths post.

compact granite bird bath

compact granite bird bath

  1. Adjust to Your Budget

Because the prices of granite bird baths are different from one product to another, you have to choose one that is appropriate for your budget.

How to Clean a Granite Bird Bath

A bird bath that is made from granite can be considered as one of the best options. just like cleaning bird feeders, you still need to maintain and clean it regularly. Cleaning a bird bath is not as simple as you imagine. Different materials may need different methods who to clean it up. In this case, you need to follow these tips below:

  1. Use Warm Water

As we know, granite is heat resistant. Even more, one of the most effective ways how to clean your bird bath that is made of granite is using warm water. Firstly, you should remove the old water first and then rub the basin of the bird bath with cloth and warm water. Warm water can get rid of anything contaminating the bird bath. Even more, warm water can also remove various stains.

  1. Use a Mild Soap

Besides that, you can also consider using a mild soap. It is recommended if your bird bath looks dirtier. You may need to try this method to clean up your bird bath every month or 2 months. Rub the surface of the bird bath with a mild soap and then rinse it with clean water until the soap is removed completely.

  1. Use a Special Granite-Only Cleaner

You can also consider using a special cleaner. There are many products of cleaner available in the market today. However, you have to make sure that the cleaner is for granite-only use.

  1. Do Not Use Sponges and Bleach

If you want the simple way, you can clean up your bird bath using sponges, lime, lemon, vinegar, bleach, etc. However, they are not recommended because they can weaken the granite so that it can break down your bird bath.

  1. Wipe Any Stain Soon

If you see that there is stain on your bird bath, wipe it as soon as possible.

  1. Refill the Water Every Day

To keep your bird bath clean, you should do daily maintenance. You cannot add the water but refill it wholly. If possible, do it every day. However, every another day is also good.

Granite bird baths can be a good choice for you who want to apply a bird bath at your garden. It has many advantages and disadvantages. To get the best one, you should know the tips how to choose it. Besides, you also need to clean it up regularly. That is all what you need to know about granite bird baths. Hopefully this can be a good reference for you are interested in it.

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