How to Attract Birds to a Bird Feeder

There are some ways how to attract birds to a bird feeder. For you who are experienced enough, this matter is probably quite easy without giving any problem. However, if you are not, it can be really difficult. It is also by remembering the fact that birds tend to have characteristics which are quite different from one to another. Therefore, it is important to know well about the bird to be attracted at first. Although they may be different, there are actually some ways to attract the birds in general. So, what are they? You can follow some ideas below.

Using Right Feeder

Attract Birds to a Bird Feeder

Attract Birds to a Bird Feeder

Of course, the most important thing to attract birds is by preparing the bird feeder itself. Actually, it is not difficult to find such feeders as they are offered in the pet shops. If you are creative and also having spare time, you can even try to make it yourself. A good feeder must have some qualities. They must be large enough whether it is the room inside or the door. Therefore, birds can just be simply entering it without any difficulties.

Where to Put a Bird Feeder

right place to put bird feeder

squirrel on bird feeders

It should also put on the right place so that how do birds find bird feeders can be done more easily. Place feeders within 15 feet or so of a place that birds can quickly fly to escape flying predators like hawks. The feeder can be hung on a tree; it is actually a right place. However, it is important as well to ensure that it cannot be accessed by squirrels or rats.


right seeds for kind birds

Even if you have prepared a good quality feeder, something that is not less important is about the availability of seeds. Yes, many kinds of birds eat the seeds. So, after the bird feeder is ready, you must put seeds on it as examples are sunflower seeds, millet, suet or corn. Again, the types of seeds placed must be adapted by the types of birds to be fed. That’s why, like it has been mentioned before, studying the birds around you is one of the most important points. If you are quite doubtful with what kinds of seeds must be used, you can use sunflower seeds or corn. Nearly all kinds of birds love them. And also spread a little seed on the ground beneath the feeder.  Birds find food by sight, so spreading some seed might aid birds in finding your feeders.

Maintaining the Feeder

cleaning bird feeders

Something which is often ignored is about maintaining the feeder. Of course, you need to clean it regularly as well as changing the seeds. Well, the birds are not interested with seeds which are already rotten with bad smell. In other words, make sure the feeder along with the seeds is always clean and fresh. Read article about tips for cleaning bird feeders.

Nesting Idea

Another important thing to be placed inside the feeder is nest. Okay, not all birds may like this idea. However, this is undeniably important particularly if you want to attract female birds. Yes, female birds may look for such a safe place where they can spawn and brood their eggs. Besides, nest is also quite warm so that the baby birds can grow very well in it. One more advantage about this, if there is a female bird inside, the male must also be attracted to get in there. So, do you have more ideas how to attract birds to a bird feeder?

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