How to Make and Install a Bird Feeder Squirrel Guard

If you have birds at home, you need to buy or make a bird feeder. It functions as the place to feed your birds. However, you have to make your birds safe from squirrels. Usually, you hang your bird feeder on a post. Unfortunately, squirrels are able to jump and climb the post easily especially the post made from wood. That is why you also need a bird feeder squirrel guard. You can buy or make it by yourself. How can you make it? There are some steps that you need to follow:

squirrel guard for bird feeder pole

squirrel guard for bird feeder pole

Buy a Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl

To make a squirrel guard bird feeder, what you should do firstly is to buy a mixing bowl made from stainless steel. The diameter should be 18 inches or more. The depth is up to you but deeper is better. For example, you can choose one with 5.5 inch deep.

Make Your Cuts

After that, you need to make cuts. In this step, you can use a cutting blade that is made from metal. For example, you can use a jug saw in making your cuts. Anyway, the blade should be very sharp and strong. The sharper and stronger is better.

Cut Off the Bowl Lip

Then, you also need to cut off the bowl lip. It is very important to prevent the squirrels that want to grab onto it when the squirrels try to climb around the squirrel guard. Even though stainless steel is slippery, you still need to do this to make squirrels more difficult to reach the squirrel proof bird feeder.

Cut a Hole in the Bowl Center

The next step is to cut a hole in the bowl center. In this step, you have to make sure that the size is same with the bird house or bird feeder mouthing post. So, it can be installed in fit. That is why you have to cut the hole carefully.

Cut Down One Side

To make a bird feeder squirrel guard, the next step is to cut down one bowl side to the center of it. Actually, you can cut your bowl in half. However, it will be better to cut down one side that functions for installation. Therefore, you can easily install it on the post under the bird feeder.

Drill Holes

Next, you need to drill the holes along the both cut sides. It is useful so that they line up when you will wrap the baffle back on the post. Do this carefully to get the best result and the bird cage squirrel guard will be effective.

Install It Rightly

Now, you can install it. Make sure that you install it rightly. You have to spread the side of the cut and then you twist it on the pole of the feeder. It will be very good to protect the bird feeder from the squirrels.

That is all how to make a bird feeder squirrel guard. You should also install it rightly. Now, you can feed your birds comfortably and if the squirrels come they will not be able to reach the bird feeder. Maybe it isĀ best way to keep squirrels away from bird feeders. Hopefully this will be useful.

Bird feeder squirrel guard is very useful to protect your bird feeder from the squirrels. You can make and install it by your own or buy it online via

bird feeders squirrel proof baffle

bird feeders squirrel proof baffle

bird feeder pole squirrel guard

bird feeder pole squirrel guard

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