How to Make the Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Pine cone bird feeder is one of the ways to make the birds grown better. Yes, we may talk about the wild and free bird in which we cannot keep and nurture it. However,  for the reason of keeping our environment healthy, it becomes a way to be taken. Actually, it is really possible to make the feeder by ourselves. The steps are relatively easy and they don’t take too long time. It is even not exaggerating to say that we can let our kids make it together to develop their creativity as well. So, what are the steps? Here they are for you.

How To Make Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Prepare the Items

pine cone bird feeder instruction

There are some items to be used in this homemade bird feeder product; they are:

  • pine cone
  • bird seed
  • and smooth peanut butter.

Meanwhile, there are also some tools needed including

  • plate
  • butter knife or spoon
  • string
  • and also scissors.

For the best result, the ingredients to use should be those which are really fresh. Well, as a living creature, a bird is actually able to differentiate which one with good taste and which one that is not.

Start to make it

The starting point of making the pine cone bird feeders is cutting a long piece of string by using the scissors already prepared. You can consider the height of tree where the string will be hung. Therefore, the hanging string will not be too long or too short. Yes, the main function of string here is to hang the bird feeder. Next, you can tie the edge of the string on the middle of the pine cone. Sure, you should take some centimeters depending on the large of pine cone. The most important thing for this point is that the string is tightly tied on it so that they cannot be easily separated when the birds perch on it. Besides, you must also tie the knot on the other edge or end of the string to make it able to be hung on a tree.

spread butter into pine cone

spread butter into pine cone

After the hanging pine cone is ready, it is now the time to prepare peanut butter on plate. Actually, there is another idea regarding the pine cone bird feeder without peanut butter. You can use almond jam or paste to replace the butter. Then, use the knife or spoon to spread the peanut butter along with the mixture of lard on the whole part of pine cone, even in the inside. After both peanut butter are spread well you can put it on the plate full of birdseed. The easiest way is by rolling the layered pine cone all around the plate and late the birdseed be sprinkled on it. If there are still spaces with no birdseed, you can use your finger to spread it.

spread bird seed into pine cone

Hanging String And Pine Cone Bird FeederHanging String And Pine Cone Bird Feeder (some of the images credit to

You have to make sure that the tree where the pine cone of birdseed is free from predators. See another article about Best Bird Feeder Placement. It can be around 3 meters from the ground where your dog and cat are not able to reach it. Now, it is the time to wait for the birds and see them eat the pine cone bird feeder.

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