How to Make Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

Toilet paper roll bird feeder actually can be made homemade at home. You need to give a spare time to make this handmade art for birds. You may get the help of your kids to get done it. This is not boring but it is very fun and pleasant. You and the kids will enjoy this roll bird feeder to give a medium of food feeder.

Making an Easy Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

You can make toilet paper roll bird feeder without peanut butter at home. To change the use of peanut butter, you can use pig fat. This ornament is helpful to feed your birds easily and simply. This bird feeder can be placed on the tree or backyard. It steals attention of birds to eat that ornament. Pig fat is not durable to the warm weather so that you need to put it when a right weather. This is perfectly giving a nice chance to feed your birds. How to make this home made bird feeder? Read this instruction below from

make a bird feeder from toilet paper roll

make a bird feeder from toilet paper roll


To make this toilet paper roll bird feeder, you can prepare some following materials.

  • peanut butter
  • popsicle sticks
  • bird seeds

The first material is peanut butter. Because it doesn’t use it, you can change it to be honey with pig fat. You take popsicle sticks, and bird seeds. Don’t forget to pick out toilet paper roll.  There are some alternatives of peanut butter like butter, soybean butter, and almond butter. The naturally homemade glue is suggested.

The Steps on Making Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

To create this toilet paper roll bird feeder, follow this instruction:

  • firstly use a popsicle stick.
  • Then, cover a toilet paper roll with honey or butter.
  • After that, roll it on the bird seeds until it gets covered all seeds perfectly. This requires creativity and less energy to make sure that it is glued well.
  • Thread a cut of yawn through a toilet roll and bond it.
  • Place it on the tree or a spot where it can attract birds to a bird feeder.

How to Make a Nice Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

You can make another toilet paper roll bird feeder. You can use certain goods to create this roll bird feeder. It is beneficial and useful to you if you want to find and catch wild small birds.


You will need toilet paper roll, a strong pole with 6 – 8 inch, bird seeds, peanut butter, ribbon, and a punch of hole. You don’t need honey to glue bird seeds because it has used peanut butter. But, you can make toilet paper roll bird feeder with honey if there is no peanut butter.

Making Toilet Paper Roll Bird Feeder

There are some steps on how to make this roll bird feeder. Firstly, make two holes in two different sides on paper roll bird feeder. This is used to bond roll bird feeder to hang on. Then, tie ropes into four holes to be a spot of birds standing. Then next step is covering toilet paper roll with peanut butter. Be careful to do it. Then, cover and spread bird seeds on the surface of this paper roll. Toilet paper roll bird feeder is ready to use. So hang it on tree or other best bird feeder placement.

Homemade toilet paper bird feeder

Homemade toilet paper bird feeder

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