How to Make Water Bottle Bird House

Water bottle bird house is very easy to make. Some of you are probably interested to let the birds feed around your house. There are actually many kinds if bird house available in the stores to support this activity. However, if you want to save your budgets more, this way can be followed anyway. Moreover, a water bottle is something which is around us. Rather than throwing the bottle into the trash can after using it, why don’t we try to change it into something advantageous? So, are you interested to a kind of water bottle bird house craft? Here is the way.

make water bottle bird house

The Materials and Tools Needed

You will need this material for homemade bird feeder:

  • An empty water bottle or palm oil bottle,
  • Scissors,
  • Wire,
  • Acryl paint, (water color recommended)
  • And strong glue

Any kind of water bottle can be used for this idea. However, you should make sure that the size is big enough. In other words, you should not pick a bottle which is too small that can only contain 100 ml and the likes. Well, a bottle with capacity 1 or 1.5 liters is more recommended. Other plastic bottles like palm oil bottles can also be used. However, you should make sure that they are clean enough. You can wash it first before using it. You also need scissors, wire, and glue. If you want to beautify it, you can also use paint, brush, and maybe some beads.

How to Make Bird House from Bottle

After preparing the bottle, you can remove the label glued on the body of bottle. You can separate the bottle into three parts, they are upper, middle, and lower. For the best result, make sure that the middle part is smaller than the two other parts such as soda bottle. For the lower part, you can make a cutlet on the body with U shape. It is later functioned as the door for birds. Sure, the door can also be made with other shapes, like square or round like a whole. The upper part is then functioned as the roof. You can start to attach both upper and lower parts of bottle using glue. It is better to use glue which is specially made from plastic not paper. Therefore, its attachment ability will be stronger. Besides, you can also bind both parts using wire to make sure that both will not be easily separated.

step to make bird house from bottle

step to make bird house from bottle

Next, another wire is attached on the bottle cap. You can bend the wire and then unify the edges before they are being attached. The wire is for hanging the bird feeder on trees and others. You should be very careful while adding the wire on the bottle. Ensure that the edges wire is attached well without any remaining that can hurt the birds inside. Lastly, you can now start to adorn the bird house. The easiest way is by painting it using water color. Water color is more recommended as the chemical substance is relatively lower than the others. Therefore, it will not give any bad effects to the bird. Another idea is by spreading the beads around to make it look sparkling. Or, do you have other ideas to garnish the water bottle bird house?. You can watch this video to make  it easy.

See more picture below for boost your idea to make water bottle bird house.

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