Ideas for Home-made Bird Feeders

Home-made bird feeders are great to be located in our backyards. Many kinds of birds will come to eat in our bird feeder specially made by our hands. Watching birds is a very popular activity that is loved by people. Some people will go to other places with many kinds of birds to see. Some people even go abroad to do bird watching. If we want to do bird watching as often as possible, we can have bird feeders to invite birds. Yes, there are many kinds of bird feeders available, but the one made by ourselves—the tailored one to meet our wish and need, is the best of all. Let’s take a look at the ideas and the guidance to make the best bird feeders for us below.

Home-made Bird Feeders

Home-made Bird Feeders

Things to consider in making a bird feeder

  • If you want to make a home-made bird feeder you have to make sure all materials used are in a high quality. Why? The answer is because those materials will make the bird feeder long lasting. You don’t make a bird feeder all the time, right? All the materials should be able to deal with weathers and pests, such as raccoons, squirrels, feral cats, and rats.
  • Consider a big bird feeder to make. Don’t make a small one otherwise you will end up refilling bird seeds all the time.
  • Don’t use something sharp on your bird feeder otherwise the birds will be afraid to come to it. It is great if you set more than one holes and feeders with proper space that is good to avoid the crowding. You also will be exposed to accident from sharp things.
  • Consider pole mounting bird feeder to avoid uninvited guests like rats, squirrels, chipmunks, etc. the tray-type of bird feeder is not a good idea.
  • Clean and sanitize the bird feeder you make. This is good for the birds health, and this is also a kind of preserving our nature.
  • Make the bird feeder that is easy to clean, refill, and empty. Read Tips for Cleaning Bird Feeders
  • Have a regular schedule for refilling the bird seeds and be committed to it in order to save the bird population.

Now you know the rules, and you are ready to make a bird feeder for your backyard. Have ideas from other resources is suggested and the ideas below hopefully will help you out.

DIY Bird feeder making Ideas

  • Do you love Lego? If you do, you must have at least a set of Lego at home. Why don’t you create a bird feeder from Lego? The colorful of Lego will make the bird feeder inviting enough for birds.
  • You love to see birds in winter, right? It is such an interesting thing to watch birds eating in a boring winter. You can attach something to keep birdseeds on your glass window, for example your bedroom glass window. In the morning when you wake up, and you see birds eating ij your bird feeder, surely you will feel happier.
  • Have a mason jar to create a bird feeder. Just use beads to glue to it and you also can use monogrammed letters to decorate the Mason jar. The base part of the bird feeder from mason jar that is full of holes can be used to store birdseeds to feed the birds coming to your place.
  • Have a sisal rope and a tin to create a very nice bird feeder. All you have to do is wrap the tin with the rope. The tin first has to be cut half in the lid part to store the bird seeds and to make the birds easy to eat you should have a stand to attach to the feeder. The upper part of the tin you can use the same rope to hang to a tree’s branch or to a hook in a pole.
  • Make a set of bird feeder from old toy houses and paint the toy houses with colorful paints. Attach the toy houses on a wood plank and put the “house complex” in a proper place in your backyard.
  • Have a wooden pole with four branches on the top of the pole, and attach a hook on each branch to hang four different bird feeders. The bird feeders are made from PVC pipe, from the old shoe, plastic bottle, and milk cartoon.

It is such an interesting thing to do to make a hand-made bird feeder, right? You just have to combine your creativity and imagination. You can search around your house or go straight to your store room to look for old things to create a bird feeder. You can even look for pine cones in your back yard to create a cool, nice bird feeder. Water bottles, toilet paper rolls, milk cartoons, PVC pipes, and pine cones can be used to create a hand-made bird feeder. Take a look at the ideas below.

Easy bird feeder making

  1. A bird feeder made from milk cartoons, the steps:
  • Have a milk cartoon and paint it with your favorite color.
  • Make a roof with an aluminum foil then attach it to the top of the cartoon milk.
  • Cut and make a semi spherical hole on the center part of the milk cartoon.
  • Attach a Popsicle stick to the base part of the milk cartoon to make a stand. This is to make birds easy to peck birdseeds.
  1. A bird feeder made from pine cones, the steps:

Have a pine cone that is grimed with peanut butter and fat. After that, sprinkle the pine cone with birdseeds. Finally, hang the pine cone everywhere in your back yard to invite birds to peck the birdseeds.

  1. A bird feeder made from toilet paper roll, the steps:

Have a toilet paper roll, and then cover it with peanut butter, lard, or other fat. After that, roll the toilet paper roll into a bowl of birdseeds. Make it full of birdseeds. Hang it with a rope everywhere on a branch of a tree. Finally, your backyard will be nice with many kinds of birds coming to eat.

  1. A bird feeder made from water bottles, the steps:

Hang a bottle with four holes on the lower part of the bottle and insert two pencils to have four stands for birds. Next, fill the bottle with birdseeds and close the cup of the bottle. Make another four holes about ten centimeters from the other holes to make the birds easy to peck the birdseeds.

  1. A bird feeder made from PVC pipe, the steps:

Have an old PVC pipe any size you wish. Have an old saucer for the base. Attach the pipe into the saucer in such away. Next have a smaller plastic saucer to use as the cap, and on the plastic cap, attach a hook on the center to hang it anywhere on the backyard tree branches. Paint the pipe with your favorite color. To have monogram letters on the pipe is great, or draw a nice picture on it is also possible. Make a hole on the center of the pipe to make the birds easy to peck. The base of the bird feeder will help you make the surroundings clean from the dirt and birdseeds falling down.

So, what do you think? It’s so easy to make your own bird feeder, right? It is hoped that the article about home-made bird feeders can give you inspiration.

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