Milk Jug Bird Feeder DIY Project with Kids

Making the milk jug bird feeder with your kids is a fun idea of a thing to do. This is a great project that will teach your kids in a certain way. And of course, birds will love this feeder so it will be easier for you to attract birds. What you can do as adult is working on with the cutting and wiring. Meanwhile, leave easier jobs to the kids like painting and decorating. If you have a free weekend without any plan, this should be your entertaining activity.

make milk jug bird feeder with kids

make milk jug bird feeder with kids

Most of the materials can be found near you to make a home-made bird feeder. Therefore, you do not have to buy any expensive materials.

  1. Milk jug with cap
  2. Birdseed
  3. Hanging materials such as wire clothes hanger, bendable thick wire, thin rope and twine
  4. Possible sealant and adhesives such as outdoor ModPodge, Thermoweb Zots, and non toxic white glue for outdoor use
  5. Roof or perch materials such as sticks that are cut to desired length
  6. Tools including wire cutters, scissors, garden pruners, pliers and paintbrushes
  7. Decoration materials such as milk jug caps, tape, outdoor acrylic paint, permanent markers, bottle caps and stickers

materials for bird feeder from milk jug

materials for bird feeder from milk jug


Milk Jug Bird Feeder Instructions

Suppose you have prepared the required materials to make bird feeder from milk jug, continue by following the making process. The first thing you have to do is to wash the milk jug including inside of the jug. Use soapy water to wash it and continue by rinsing it until clean. Make sure to remove the label as well.

Secondly, cut the milk jug to make the windows by using scissors. However, you cannot go too low. Otherwise, you’ll lose the storage space for the seed. Here is a tip. You shouldn’t have wide window if you want to put the feeder in perch.

Thirdly, grab the scissors and use the pointier end to puncture two holes. Make it near the jug’s top that will be used for hanger. Continue by placing the holes in thicker plastic right near to the cap. If your kids are old enough, let them handle it. But if your kids are too young, you have to assist them in handling it.

Fourthly, cut the hanging materials. You can choose the desired length before inserting it into the holes. When you choose to use wire clothes hanger, make sure to use wire cutters so you can easily cut and twist it inside the jug before securing it. If you want to add perch, choose the desired one.

Fifthly, create resting perch that is placed along windows’ lower edge. This will make the feeder more attractive. You can use garden pruners to handle this work. Make sure to glue the perch into place. Do not forget to glue the inside make the perch more stable.

Sixthly, glue on materials you want to be added to the feeder as decorations. For instance, roof made from small sticks can be added. Make sure to use as much glue as possible and leave it overnight for the glue to dry.

bird feeder ready to attract bird

bird feeder ready to attract bird image source:

Lastly, decorate the jug the way you want it to be by using paint, permanent markers, masking tape, stickers and many others. Soon enough, you will have the most attractive milk jug bird feeder. Now hang on a tree or see article best bird feeder placement

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