Tips for Cleaning Bird Feeders

Cleaning bird feeders is a must. Why is it important to clean a bird feeder? This is necessary to free the bird feeder from dirt and dangerous germs. Having a clean bird feeder will help save the bird populations, and of course help preserve the environment since the birds coming to the bird feeder will be healthy. This is also help save our money. Remember, whether to buy or to make your birdfeeder, you have to pay attention to its materials. You have to consider it as an investment. When it comes to cleaning, may be you just wash it with hosing water if your bird feeder is a pole style. Actually, it is not as simple as that. You have to pay attention to the materials of the bird feeders.

cleaning a bird feeder

cleaning a bird feeder

How to clean bird feeders based on their materials

  1. Wooden Bird Feeder, the steps:
  • For the bird Feeder made from Redwood and Cedar. These two materials are great to deal with weathers so the bird feeders made from these two will be long lasting. However, you still have to clean it. Just use coats or sealers to maintain it. Using a special solution to clean and polish it is also suggested. Make sure you let it dry after cleaning the food storing part.
  • For Pine bird feeder which will be last longer but easy to fade, you need to have a special solution and linseed oil to maintain and clean it.
  1. Copper Bird Feeder, the steps:

For a copper bird feeder, you just need to polish the copper with varnish and polish special for copper and then seal the copper with a special lacquer. It is suggested to do it since copper will be easy to fade away and turn to be green in color. However, it is not that easy to get corrosive. So, bird feeder made from copper is quite popular.

  1. Tube and Finch Bird Feeders made from PVC and plastics, the steps:

Just use a soft brush to clean it with warm water. The bird feeder with debris and mold, you can use a special solution and bleach with 10:1 composition, the ten is for the solution. After that, rinse it with clean cold water.

Remember, whenever you clean your bird feeder you need to wear gloves and special clothes or apron, this will help you prevent dangerous germs, debris, mold, or even bird illnesses. Equip yourself with towels, buckets, and small shovel to take dirt from the bird feeder. Clean the whole parts of the bird feeder, such as platforms, feeding ports, perches, and lids thoroughly. Make sure you dry the bird feeder first before you refill it with birdseeds otherwise the birdseeds will be moist and uneasy to be pecked by birds. One more time, it is very important to clean your bird feeder since you will prevent it from spreading diseases and illnesses among the birds flying to your bird feeders. Always wash your hands and take a bath is a must after washing your bird feeder. You find this article about cleaning bird feeders beneficial, right?. See other article like Best Bird Feeder Placement in this website.

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